• Navocean’s Nav2 ASV is a self-navigating sailboat designed for versatility and easy logistics.

    At only 85 lbs and drafting 2.5 ft (.75 m), the Nav2 platform can perform short to long duration missions in the open ocean, coastal areas, inland waterways and lakes. The Nav2 is easily handled by two people and supports a wide variety of payloads.

    Specifications and Capabilities(Download PDF)

    √ Ease of Use: Launch and retrieve from beaches, docks, boat ramps or vessels. Includes custom dolly.
    √ Cruising Speed: 2-3 knotsIMG_0261 (1024x768)
    √ Weight: 85 lbs plus additional payload(s)
    √ Length: 2m (6.5’)
    √ Draft: .75m (2.5’)
    √ Characteristics: 4th generation hull/keel/rudder design, high performance composites
    √ Sails: Main + fractional jib in high visibility fabric
    √ Main Sail: proprietary anti-jamming electric winch
    √ Rudder: Tangle-free design sheds fishing gear
    √ Rigging: Un-stayed carbon-fibre mast
    √ Electric Drive: 1-3 knot boost; brushless motor with Kort Nozzle propeller in protective housing
    √ Power System: 12 Volts, 35W shade resistant solar array; 40-100 Ah LiFePO4 batteries
    √ Sensors Included: GPS, PRH, Weather, AISnav2_ondolly
    √ Optional Sensors: Hydrophone, Fluorometer, CT and many more possibilities.
    √ Mission Duration: Up to 6 months
    √ Low Cost: basic configurations for under $75k

    Command and Control

    √ Communications: Iridium SBD (Sat), Cell, and WiFi
    √ UI: Navocean’s real-time chart-based iOS App + web portal
    √ Control: both manual and autonomous waypoint navigation
    √ Dashboard:: location, speed, course, heading, true and apparent wind, pitch, roll, power use, battery and solar panel voltage, sail and rudder position, propeller RPM, connectivity status, waypoint distance and ETA
    √ Charts: integrated NOAA RNC charts included
    √ Real-Time: configurable telemetry and sensor data