Current Research

Navocean and Turner Designs are teaming up with FAU/HBOI researcher Dr. Jordon Beckler to demonstrate mobile fluorometer data collection in support of new techniques to research Red Tide and related Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) . Field test missions are underway, including on Lake Okeechobee and in The Banana River Lagoon. The most recent 3 day test on the Banana River Lagoon was intended to demonstrate data collection for the study of “Brown Tide” algae blooms in the Banana River Lagoon known for creating fish kills from severe hypoxia events. During this 3 day mission a strong storm system blew over with driving rain and winds over 50 mph. This type of disruptive weather event can stir up the bottom sediments and create large inflows of freshwater runoff into the lagoon. During this storm, Nav2 ASV “Vela” maintained station-holding control and continued survey patterns as the winds diminished.

You can track the mission and data at the GCOOS Galdalf website here.

Navocean's Nav2 ASV Vela during launch in 20-25 mph winds

A windy launch of  the Nav2 ASV “Vela” from Saturday before a 50+ mph wind set in. At time of photo, winds were 20-25 mph.


Navocean's Nav2 ASV Vela during launch in 20-25 mph winds

Picking up “Vela” on a calm day after the 50+ mph storm.